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Oracle® Server X8-2L Security Guide

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Updated: April 2019


Access refers to physical access to hardware, or physical or virtual access to software.

  • Use physical and software controls to protect your hardware and data from intrusion.

  • Change all default passwords after installing a new system. Most types of equipment use default passwords that are widely known and could allow unauthorized access to hardware or software.

  • Refer to the documentation that came with your software to enable the software security features.

  • Install servers and related equipment in a locked, restricted access room.

  • If equipment is installed in a rack with a locking door, keep the door locked except when you have to service components in the rack.

  • Restrict access to USB ports and consoles. Devices with USB connections that can provide direct access to the system include system controllers, power distribution units (PDUs), and network switches.

  • Restrict the capability to restart the system over the network.

  • Restrict access to hot-plug or hot-swap devices because they can be easily removed.

  • Store spare field-replaceable units (FRUs) and customer-replaceable units (CRUs) in a locked cabinet. Restrict access to the locked cabinet to authorized personnel.