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Oracle® Server X8-2L Security Guide

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Updated: April 2019

Oracle Hardware Management Pack Security

Oracle Hardware Management Pack is available for Oracle x86-based servers and some Oracle SPARC-based servers. Oracle Hardware Management Pack features two components: an SNMP monitoring agent and a family of cross-operating system command-line interface tools (CLI Tools) for managing your server. You can use Oracle Server CLI Tools to configure Oracle servers. The CLI Tools work with Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and other variants of Linux operating systems.

  • Use Hardware Management Agent SNMP Plugins.

    Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) is a standard protocol used to monitor or manage a system. With Hardware Management Agent SNMP Plugins, you can use SNMP to monitor Oracle servers in your data center with the advantage of not having to connect to two management points, the host and Oracle ILOM. This functionality enables you to use a single IP address (the host’s IP address) to monitor multiple servers.

    The SNMP Plugins run on the host operating system of Oracle servers. The SNMP Plugin module extends the native SNMP agent in the host operating system to provide additional Oracle management information base (MIB) capabilities. Oracle Hardware Management Pack itself does not contain an SNMP agent. For Linux, a module is added to the net-snmp agent. For Oracle Solaris, a module is added to the Oracle Solaris Management Agent. Any security settings related to SNMP for the Oracle Hardware Management Pack are determined by the settings of the native SNMP agent or service, and not by the Plugin.

    Note that SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c provide no encryption and use community strings as a form of authentication. SNMPv3 is more secure and is the recommended version to use because it employs encryption to provide a secure channel, as well as individual user names and passwords.

  • Refer to the Oracle Hardware Management Pack documentation.

    System management products include powerful tools that require administrator or root privileges to run. With this level of access, it is possible to change hardware configuration and erase data. Refer to the Oracle Hardware Management Pack documentation for more information about these features. For security guidelines that are specific to Oracle Hardware Management Pack, refer to the Oracle Hardware Management Pack Security Guide, which is part of the Oracle Hardware Management Pack documentation library. You can find the Oracle Hardware Management Pack documentation at: