1.1.11 Virtualization

The following notable virtualization features are implemented in UEK R4:

  • Hyper-V support for netpoll allows a network console to be used to debug kernel issues.

  • The following Xen features have been implemented:

    • xen-netback support for changing the MAC address of an interface

    • ACPI support for CPU and memory hotplug, including a new memory hotplug driver.

    • xen-netback support for gathering zerocopy statistics and TX grant mapping.

    • Support for MSI message groups in Dom0.

    • Substantially improved performance of Xen virtual network interfaces by implementing multiple queue support between xen-netback and xen-netfront.

    • EFI support in Dom0.

    • Xen PVSCSI backend and frontend driver support for high performance passthrough of SCSI devices or LUNs from Dom0 to a Xen PV or HVM guest.

    • Remapping of existing MFNs that were replaced by the identity map to prevent non-contiguous pages occurring in Dom0.

    • Improved PV ticket locks provide more efficient locking of guests for workloads that rely on this mechanism. If a spin lock is not available for more than a brief period, the lock code stops spinning and calls the hypervisor to wait until the lock becomes available again.

    • NUMA topology and I/O exposure to guests.

    • PVH guests now support Paravirtualized Hardware extensions (v3).