2.2.1 btrfs

  • The btrfs filesystem balance command does not warn that the RAID level can be changed under certain circumstances, and does not provide the choice of cancelling the operation. (Bug ID 16472824)

  • The copy-on-write nature of btrfs means that every operation on the file system initially requires disk space. It is possible that you cannot execute any operation on a disk that has no space left; even removing a file might not be possible. The workaround is to run sync before retrying the operation. If this does not help, remount the file system with the -o nodatacow option and delete some files to free up space. See https://btrfs.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/ENOSPC.

  • When you overwrite data in a file, starting somewhere in the middle of the file, the overwritten space is counted twice in the space usage numbers that btrfs qgroup show displays. Using the btrfs quota rescan does not help fix this issue either. (Bug ID 16609467)

  • If you use the -s option to specify a sector size to mkfs.btrfs that is different from the page size, the created file system cannot be mounted. By default, the sector size is set to be the same as the page size. (Bug ID 17087232)

  • The btrfs-progs and btrfs-progs-devel packages for use with UEK R4 are made available in the ol6_x86_64_UEKR4 and ol7_x86_64_UEKR4 ULN channels and the ol6_UEKR4 and ol7_UEKR4 Oracle Linux yum server repositories. In UEK R3, these packages were made available in the ol6_x86_64_latest and ol7_x86_64_latest ULN channels and the ol6_latest and ol7_latest Oracle Linux yum server repositories.