1.9 Header Packages for Development

As of UEK-3.8-QU2, the kernel-uek-headers package is no longer built and distributed. There are three kernel packages that may be useful for development purposes. The kernel-headers package forms part of the API for user space programs. The kernel-devel package is used for standard RHCK development and module compilation. The kernel-uek-devel package is used for UEK development and module compilation. Neither the kernel-uek-headers, nor the kernel-headers packages, are needed for kernel development.

The kernel-headers packages provide the C header files that specify the interface between user-space binaries or libraries and UEK or RHCK. These header files define the structures and constants that you need to build most standard programs or to rebuild the glibc package.

The kernel-devel and kernel-uek-devel packages provide the kernel headers and makefiles that you need to build modules against UEK and RHCK.

To install the packages required to build modules against UEK and the C header files for both UEK and RHCK:

# yum install kernel-uek-devel-`uname -r` kernel-headers