1.1.2 Core Kernel Functionality

The following notable core kernel features are implemented in UEK R5U1:

  • Cgroup v2 CPU controller backported to support kABI.  The cgroup v2 CPU controller has been backported in this release. This change was made to pre-populate structures that could potentially impact the Kernel Application Binary Interface (kABI). The update includes changes to the code that handles cgroup resource usage statistics and improves performance when handling frequent reads where there are many cgroups that are not active.

  • Improved scheduler scalability for fast path.  This release includes scheduler scalability improvements for fast path. In addition, a new scheduler feature, SIS_CORE, is introduced to improve performance for certain workloads, such as Oracle database OLTP (online transaction processing). To provide additional performance improvement for OLTP, you can optionally disable this feature by setting NO_SIS_CORE in /sys/kernel/debug/sched_features. However, note that disabling the SIS_CORE feature is recommended for OLTP workloads only.