1.1.6 RDMA

Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) is a feature that allows direct memory access between two systems that are connected by a network. RDMA facilitates high-throughput and low-latency networking in clusters.

Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5 Update 1 includes RDMA features that are provided in the upstream kernel, with the addition of Ksplice and DTrace functionality and Oracle's own RDMA features, which includes support for RDS and Shared-PD.

Oracle provides support for RDMA on InfiniBand on the following Oracle-branded HCAs:

  • Sun InfiniBand Dual Port 4x QDR Host Channel Adapters M2

  • Oracle Dual Port QDR InfiniBand Adapter M3

Notable changes to RDMA implementation in UEK R5U1 include:

  • resilient_rdmaip module fixes and improvements.  The Active-Active bonding code used by the resilient_rdmaip module, was updated to handle an issue that could cause a system panic if IPv6 addressing was disabled on the interface. Other improvements to logging and also to the module description information were also applied. A fix was also applied to include a check to prevent failover across ports within the failover group zero, which contains ports not intended for failover.