1.1.8 Storage

The following notable storage features are implemented in Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 5 Update 1:

  • libnvdimm subsystem updated for PMEM and DAX.  The libnvdimm kernel subsystem, which is responsible for the detection, configuration, and management of Non-Volatile Dual Inline Memory Modules (NVDIMMs) is updated in UEK R5U1 to take advantage a large number of upstream patches, bug fixes and backports. Notably, these include fixes to /proc/smaps to reflect the actual PMEM page size and some work to improve Address Range Scrub (ARS). Also included as a notable improvement, is a fix that includes a new hand-shake mechanism that causes the fs thread to wait until DMA completion before waking up to update the fs metadata.

  • NVMe updates.  General modifications to NVMe code are included in this update. Build configuration options were synchronized to ensure equivalence and compatibility in aarch64 environments. A patch was also applied to resolve an issue with NVMe hotplug/unplug functionality when used with a KVM guest.