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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2019

Enabling I/O Virtualization

Before you can configure SR-IOV virtual functions, you must enable I/O virtualization for the PCIe bus while the root domain is in a delayed reconfiguration. Reboot the domain to make this change take effect.

Note - By default, PCIe buses are enabled for I/O virtualization on systems starting with the SPARC M7, SPARC T7, and SPARC S7 series server and the Fujitsu M10 server.

How to Enable I/O Virtualization for a PCIe Bus

This procedure must be performed only one time per root complex. The root complex must be running as part of the same SP configuration.

  1. Initiate a delayed reconfiguration on the root domain.
    primary# ldm start-reconf root-domain-name
  2. Enable I/O virtualization operations for a PCIe bus.

    Perform this step only if I/O virtualization is not enabled already for the bus that has the physical function.

    Run one of the following commands:

    • Enable I/O virtualization if the specified PCIe bus already is assigned to a root domain.
      primary# ldm set-io iov=on bus
    • Enable I/O virtualization while you add a PCIe bus to a root domain.
      primary# ldm add-io iov=on bus
  3. Reboot the root domain.

    Run one of the following commands:

    • Reboot the non-primary root domain.
      primary# ldm stop-domain -r root-domain
    • Reboot the primary root domain.
      primary# shutdown -i6 -g0 -y