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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2019

Entering Names in the CLI

In general, Logical Domains Manager names can be up to 256 characters in length.

    The following sections describe the naming restrictions in the Logical Domains Manager CLI.

  • Variable names

    • First character must be a letter, a number, or a forward slash (/).

    • Subsequent letters must be letters, numbers, or punctuation.

  • File names that are used in virtual disk back ends, virtual switch device names, and path file names

    The names must contain only letters, numbers, or punctuation.

  • SP configuration names

    The length of SP configuration names (or SP configuration names) is limited by the SP. The limit is currently around 69 characters but could vary by platform.

    The following error results if you specify an SP configuration name that is too long:

    primary# ldm add-spconfig \
    Error: Operation failed because an invalid configuration name was given
  • Virtual device service and client names

    Virtual device names are used to create the devalias property, which is used by the OpenBoot PROM. However, the OpenBoot PROM does not support devalias names longer than 31 characters.

    If you specify a virtual device name that exceeds 31 characters, the command succeeds but the corresponding devalias property is not created. The command also issues the following warning:

    primary# ldm add-vds primary-vds012345678901234567890 primary
    Warning: Device name primary-vds012345678901234567890 is too long to create devalias
  • Hardware path names

    These names are paths to physical resources. These names are used to specify the iport in the ldm add-vsan command and the resource group in the ldm list-rsrc-group command.

  • All other names

    • First character must be a letter or number.

    • Subsequent characters must be letters, numbers, or any of the following characters -_+#.:;~().