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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2019

Resource Allocation

The resource allocation mechanism uses resource allocation constraints to assign resources to a domain at bind time.

A resource allocation constraint is a hard requirement that the system must meet when you assign a resource to a domain. If the constraint cannot be met, both the resource allocation and the binding of the domain fail.


Caution  - Do not create a circular dependency between two domains in which each domain provides services to the other. Such a configuration creates a single point of failure condition where an outage in one domain causes the other domain to become unavailable. Circular dependency configurations also prevent you from unbinding the domains after they have been bound initially. The Logical Domains Manager does not prevent the creation of circular domain dependencies. If the domains cannot be unbound due to a circular dependency, remove the devices that cause the dependency and then attempt to unbind the domains.