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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2019

Available Configuration Recovery Methods

    Oracle VM Server for SPARC supports the following configuration recovery methods:

  • The autosave method, used when the SP configuration is not available on the SP.

      This situation might occur in one of the following circumstances:

    • The hardware that holds the saved SP configurations has been replaced

    • The SP configuration is not up to date because you neglected to save the latest SP configuration changes to the SP or an unexpected power cycle occurred

  • The ldm add-domain -i method, used if a subset of the domains need to have their configurations restored

  • The ldm init-system method, which should be used only as a last resort. Use this method only when both the configuration on the SP and the autosave information from the control domain are lost.

Note - When using a boot device other than the factory default boot device, perform the steps in After Dropping Into factory-default, Recovery Mode Fails if the System Boots From a Different Device Than the One Booted in the Previously Active Configuration. Performing the steps ensure that recovery mode can recover the configuration on SPARC T4, SPARC T5, and SPARC M6 series servers that run a system firmware version prior to 9.5.3.