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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2019

Stopping a Heavily Loaded Domain Can Time Out

An ldm stop-domain command can time out before the domain completes shutting down. When this happens, an error similar to the following is returned by the Logical Domains Manager.

LDom ldg8 stop notification failed

However, the domain could still be processing the shutdown request. Use the ldm list-domain command to verify the status of the domain. For example:

# ldm list-domain ldg8
ldg8         active  s----  5000   22   3328M   0.3% 1d 14h 31m

The preceding list shows the domain as active, but the s flag indicates that the domain is in the process of stopping. This should be a transitory state.

The following example shows the domain has now stopped.

# ldm list-domain ldg8
ldg8         bound   -----  5000   22   3328M

The ldm stop command uses the shutdown command to stop a domain. The execution of the shutdown sequence usually takes much longer than a quick stop, which can be performed by running the ldm stop -q command. See the ldm(8) man page.

A long shutdown sequence might generate the following timeout message:

domain-name stop timed out. The domain might still be in the process of shutting down.
Either let it continue, or specify -f to force it to stop.

While this shutdown sequence runs, the s flag is also shown for the domain.