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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2019

Restoring Configurations By Using Autosave

A copy of the current SP configuration is automatically saved on the control domain whenever the configuration of the domain is changed. This autosave operation does not explicitly save the configuration to the SP.

    The autosave operation occurs immediately, even in the following situations:

  • When the new configuration of the domain is not explicitly saved on the SP

  • When the configuration change is not made until after the affected domain reboots

When a configuration is not explicitly saved to the SP or when SP configurations saved on the SP are lost, autosave operations enable the Logical Domains Manager to detect and report this situation, recover a configuration, or both. In these circumstances, the Logical Domains Manager, depending on the autorecovery policy value when it starts up, reports a configuration, restores a configuration, or both if it is newer than the SP configuration marked for the next boot.

Note - Power management, FMA, and ASR events do not cause an update to the autosave files.

You can automatically or manually restore autosave files to new or existing SP configurations. By default, when an autosave configuration is newer than the corresponding running SP configuration, a message is written to the Logical Domains log. Thus, you must use the ldm add-spconfig -r command to manually update an existing SP configuration on the SP or create a new one based on the autosave data. Note that you must perform a power cycle after using this command to have the running SP configuration match the newly updated SP configuration and so complete the manual recovery.

Note - When a delayed reconfiguration is pending, the SP configuration changes are immediately autosaved. As a result, if you run the ldm list-spconfig -r command, the autosave configuration is shown as being newer than the current SP configuration.

For information about how to use the ldm *-spconfig commands to manage SP configurations and to manually recover autosave files, see the ldm(8) man page.

For information about how to select an SP configuration to boot, see Using Oracle VM Server for SPARC With the Service Processor. You can also use the ldm set-spconfig command, which is described on the ldm(8) man page.