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Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.6 Administration Guide

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Updated: September 2019

Verifying That the ILOM Interconnect Is Enabled

The ILOM interconnect is required for communication between the ldmd daemon and the service processor (SP) on servers starting with the SPARC T7, SPARC M7, and SPARC S7 series server. Do not disable the ILOM interconnect on these servers. For more information, see the ilomconfig(8) man page.

Note - Avoid disabling the ILOM interconnect on other SPARC T-series and M-series servers. However, if you do so, the ldmd daemon can still communicate with the SP.

On servers starting with the SPARC T7, SPARC M7, and SPARC S7 series server, an attempt to use the ldm command to manage SP configurations might fail. If the failure is an error communicating with the SP, check the ILOM interconnect state and re-enable the ilomconfig-interconnect service if necessary. See How to Verify the ILOM Interconnect Configuration and How to Re-Enable the ILOM Interconnect Service.

Note - If the ILOM interconnect is down, the ldm list-spconfig command fails as follows:
primary# ldm list-spconfig
The requested operation could not be performed because the communication 
channel between the LDoms Manager and the system controller is down. 
The ILOM interconnect may be disabled or down.

The ILOM interconnect might go down if you add a resource that provides a communication channel between the Logical Domains Manager and the SP to the system but do not manually add the resource to the primary domain. By adding the resource to the primary domain, the communication channel is established.