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Overview of Siebel Open UI Keyword Automation Testing

Siebel Open UI keyword automation testing is based on the Keyword Driven Framework. The Keyword Driven Framework is an automation testing framework which uses action words for testing.

The four main parts to each keyword automation step are:

  1. Action to perform (Keyword)
  2. Object to act upon
  3. Input data
  4. Choice of closing action.

A test case or script is made up of a set of sequenced test steps as shown, for example, in the following table.

Table 5. lists the sequence of steps involved in keyword automaton.
Action or Keyword
Target Object
Choice of closing action

Click a button

Repository name of an applet and button.

Any required closing action, such as, clicking OK or Cancel, (after the button is clicked).

Click new

Input value

Repository name of applet and button.


Enter a value in the Name field.

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