Oracle® OpenStack

Configuration Guide for Release 5.0

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September 2018

Table of Contents

About This Document
Introduction to OpenStack Configuration
Using the kollacli Command
Enabling Bash Command Completion
Using the kollacli Shell
Formatting Command Output
Using Groups to Deploy Services
Setting Properties for Deployment Groups or Hosts
Dealing With Variable Network Interface Names
Configuring Network Interfaces for OpenStack Networks
Configuring OpenStack Service Endpoints
Configuring Transport Layer Security (TLS)
Using a Certificate Signed by a CA
Using a Self-Signed Certificate
Configuring OpenStack Service Accounts
About the OpenStack Kolla User
Openstack Service Configuration
Barbican Key Manager Service
Ceilometer Telemetry Service
Cinder Block Storage Service
Using Ceph for Cinder Volumes
Using LVM for Cinder Volumes
Using External iSCSI Storage for Cinder Volumes
Configuring the iSCSI Initiator Name and iSCSI Multipath
Using Shared Cinder Volumes (Multi-Attached)
Configuring Cinder Backup
Designate DNS-as-a-Service
Glance Image Service
Ironic Bare Metal Provisioning Service
Murano Application Catalog Service
Neutron Networking Service
Configuring VLAN Networks
Setting up Multiple External Network Interfaces
Enabling Distributed Virtual Routing (DVR)
Enabling Neutron Agent High Availability
Neutron Plug-ins: Firewalls and Load Balancing
Nova Compute Service
Automatic Hypervisor Configuration
Preparing a Compute Node
Removing a Compute Node
Swift Object Storage Service
Preparing the Storage Devices
Building the Swift Rings
Enabling and Configuring Swift
Telemetry Alarming Service (aodh)
Additional Component Configuration
Central Logging (Fluentd, Elasticsearch and Kibana)
Ceph Storage for Oracle Linux
Ceph Storage Partitioning
Setting up Ceph Storage
Configuring Ceph Networks
Adding a Ceph Node
Removing a Ceph OSD Node (Storage)
Removing a Ceph Mon Node (Controller)
Running Ceph Commands
MySQL Database
Setting MySQL NDB Cluster Global Options
Setting MySQL NDB Cluster Configuration Parameters
Configuring the Service Databases
Backing Up and Restoring the MySQL Database
Service Endpoint High Availability (Keepalived and HAProxy)
Time Synchronization (Chrony)
Gnocchi Metric Service
Infoblox OpenStack Cloud Adapter
A kollacli Command Reference