Description of the illustration cncpt368.eps

This graphic is depicts a large rectangle with a dotted-line border. The box is labeled "CDB." Inside the box is a three-dimensional rectangular box labeled "Root (CDB$ROOT)." Plugged into this box are four cylinders that look like USB keys. The first cylinder is labeled "Seed (PDB$SEED)," the second is labeled "hrpdb," the third is labeled "salespdb," and the fourth is labeled "erppdb." Two boxes labeled "Listener" are outside of the CDB rectangle. Two arrows, one dotted and one solid, point from the first Listener to hrpdb. One dotted arrow leads from the second Listener box to the salespdb cylinder. One solid and one dotted arrow leads from the second Listener to the erppdb cylinder. A legend states that the solid arrow represents other services, and the dotted arrow represents default services. A box labeled "Application Server, SQL*Plus, Tools" is connected to each Listener box by a double-headed arrow.