Environment Status

The Oracle Cloud Status Page provides information on scheduled maintenance and the status of Textura Payment Management. You can view events and updates directly on the status page or by subscribing to email alerts.

You can access the Oracle Cloud Status Page here: https://statuspage.gbucnss.oci.oraclecloud.com/status/CEGBU_tpm_prod/

How can I subscribe to get updates?

To subscribe to the Status Page to receive email updates.

  1. On the Status page, select Subscribe to updates.
  2. On the Subscribe page, enter your email address, and select Subscribe to updates.
  3. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription. From the email, select Confirm Subscription to complete the subscription.

To manage or cancel your subscription, select Subscribe to updates and enter your email, or select Manage Your Subscription from a Status Page email alert. On the Oracle Cloud Global Status Page Notifications page, make changes to your data center selections or select Cancel Subscription.

What events do we communicate?

We communicate the following events:

When an event occurs the Status page is updated and an email notification is sent to all subscribers enrolled in the affected region.

What does an event's status indicate?

Scheduled Maintenance: This section displays the maintenance events along with the scheduled date, time, and duration. Any outage or performance impact is communicated to customers ahead of time.

Events: An event will typically move through the following statuses:

After each unplanned event is resolved, our teams will conduct an investigation to determine the cause, assign corrective actions, and ensure efforts are made to prevent the issue from happening in the future.

At what frequency is the service updated?

Oracle Textura Payment Management is updated twice a month. New features and improvements are typically released at the end of the first week of the month. A second release that contains additional fixes is typically released during the third week of the month. Exceptions to this schedule may occur. These updates take place during planned maintenance windows. Customers are notified before the start of these maintenance periods.

For all other events, we notify the customers as soon as the information is available and provide updates as necessary.

Last Published Wednesday, May 8, 2024