Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Description for Manage Access

This image shows two parts: a Manage Service Roles side and a Manage Access to Instances side.

  • The Manage Service Roles side shows the following text: Use this page to allow access to those Oracle Cloud services that have user roles. You can only grant/revoke Cloud Account Admin roles on the primordial IDCS. You cannot grant/revoke Cloud Account Admin role for the same logged-in user. A table lists service in the first column and a corresponding description in the other column. The last service shown in the image is INTEGRATIONCAUTO, which relates to Oracle Integration.

  • The Manage Access to Instances side identifies the user to grant specific instances of the service to. A table lists Instance Name in the first column and Instance Role in the second column. Instance names such as OICINST_OICPMProd are listed. In the Instance Role column, the ServiceAdministrator role is shown as assigned for three of the four instances.