Limit Definition

Limits are defined by the bank to set up amount and duration based restrictions on the transactions that can be carried out by the user.

As part of limits definition maintenance, following types of limits can be defined:




Features supported in application

Using this option system administrator can perform the following actions:

You are here How to reach here:

Administration Dashboard > Limit > Limits Definition

Limit Definition - View

Using this option, administrator can search for particular limit based on different search parameters. The search results displays a limit list based on different search filters selected.

If the search parameters are not specified, records of all the limits maintained in the application for selected limit type are displayed.

To search and view limits:

Limits Definition - Search

Limits Definition - View

Limits Definition - Create

Using this option, System AdministratorClosedAdministrator is a set of individuals that administer the applicant/Affiliate entity. For example, Accountants, Authorized Signatories for organizations, Power of Attorney for individuals. can create a limit as required.

To create a transaction limit:

Limits Definition - Transaction - Create

Limits Definition - Cumulative - Create

To create a cumulative limit:

Limits Definition - Cooling Period - Create

To set up multiple amount and time limit slabs:

Note: You can click Delete to delete a record.

Limits Definition - Delete Limit

Using this option, System Administrator can delete a limit definition created earlier. Limit definition can be deleted only if it is not in use (available as a part of any limit package).

To delete a limit:

  1. In the Limits Definition screen, enter the search parameters and click Search. The Limits Definition screen with search results appears based on the searched criteria.
    Click Clear to reset the search parameters.
    Click Cancel to cancel the search process.
  1. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.
    Click No to cancel the deletion process.
  2. The success message of transaction submission appears.
    Click OK to complete the transaction.


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