OPERA GDS (Global Distribution Systems) Interface

The OPERA GDS interface provides a reliable, seamless connectivity between OPERA and the switching company so that travel agents have 24-hour access, seven days a week, to a hotel's rates, availability, and inventory through a GDS channel. A Global Distribution System (GDS) is a type of distribution channel primarily used by the travel industry to make reservations for hotel rooms, airline flights, and car rentals.

The four available GDSs are:

"Channels" are the global name encompassing the four GDSs, Alternate Distribution Systems (ADSs), and Other Distribution Systems (GDSs). Through OPERA Channel Management, hotels can sell its inventory through travel agencies and Web sites all over the world.

Note: In the event of a database outage, GDS services do not require restarting and will automatically reconnect to the database once the database becomes available. During the period of time when the database is not available, external systems will receive the following message: SYSTEM ERROR. During a database outage, log files will display the following database outage indicator and reconnect: "Unable to establish database connection."

The following concepts and procedures are associated with the OPERA GDS (Global Distribution Systems) Interface: