Event Type Forecast

From the main menu, select Setup > Configuration > Catering > Event Forecast Maintenance to display the Event Forecast Maintenance screen.

Event forecast figures can be attached to each Event Type for different date ranges. It is then possible to enter amounts for different active revenue types per date range for each event. These forecast figures can be based on the number of attendees, as would be typical for food and beverage events, or they can be entered as flat amounts, which would be likely for function space rental and miscellaneous other services. These forecast figures will automatically be applied to an event when it gets booked within the date range for which the figures are valid.

Search Criteria

Property. If the multi-property version is installed, choose a property.

Event Type. Select the Event Type you wish to display. Leave blank to search for all event types.


Event Type Grid

Event Type. The Event Type code for which forecasts are provided.

Description. Description of the selected Event Type.

Begin. First date of the date range for which forecast figures are established.

End. Last date of the date range for which forecast figures are established.

Revenue Type Grid

Revenue Type. Select the appropriate Revenue Type to forecast from the list of all active revenue types. You can attach more than one Revenue Type per Event Type.

Forecast. The whole dollar value for this Revenue Type.

Flat Amount. If this check box is marked, the amount that has been entered into the Forecast field will be taken exactly as entered. If the check box is not marked then the amount will be multiplied by the number of attendees for which the event is booked .

Managing Event Type Forecasting

Create an Event Type Forecast

Edit an Existing Event Type Forecast

Delete an Existing Event Type Forecast

Copy an Event Type Forecast

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