Folio Copy Legends

When the CASHIERING > FOLIO COPY LEGEND application setting is set to Y or W, the Configuration > Cashiering > Folio Copy Legends menu option is available. From here you can configure the folio copy legend text for various languages to be used on the folio based on the language associated with the guest's profile (assuming the GENERAL > PROFILE LANGUAGE application function is set to Y).

When printing multiple folios, the configured folio copy legend (e.g., Original, First Copy of Invoice, Second Copy of Invoice, etc.) prints on the folio if the value of the CASHIERING > FOLIO COPY LEGEND application setting is Y or W. Y adds a standard folio copy legend as determined by placement of the merge code FOLIO_COPY_LEGEND. W activates the watermark-style folio copy legend where the configured folio copy legend is printed in the background of the folio, behind the folio text. (The watermark folio copy legend is available only for report groups Folios, AR Folios, Post It Folios and Passerby Folios.) N deactivates the folio copy legend feature.

Note: The folio copy legend appears on a folio only when actually printing the folio (and copies of the folio) at the time of settlement or check out from the Billing screen. The folio copy legend is not visible when the folio is previewed before printing, and the folio copy legend is not included when reprinting folios through Folio History.

Folio Copy Legends Screen

By default, 24 different folio copy legends are provided for printed folios; from the Original up to the 10th Copy of Invoice (including Manual Original up to the 10th Manual Copy) can be used and translated. There are also four rows for text to show on the e-mailed folios, one for the Emailed Original, Emailed Copy, Manual Emailed Original, and Manual Emailed Copy.

Code. Represents the folio copy legend.

Description. Displays the folio copy legend text.

Folio Copy Legends - Edit Screen

Globe Button. Select to modify or enter a new language to translate the folio copy legend to and display on the folio. The language that the folio copy legend is translated to on the folio is based on the language that is associated with the guest's profile.

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