Login Screen

The OPERA Login screen provides access to the main user operations menu for the OPERA application. The Login screen appears on the OPERA splash screen with available fields depending on your system configuration, i.e. if you have access to multiple properties, schemas, or domains, and if defaults are applied.

Provide the following information and select the Login button to log in to OPERA.

Username. Enter your user name as assigned by your system administrator.

Password. Enter your password. Your password must be entered before access to OPERA is permitted. As you enter your password, asterisks appear in this field to prevent anyone from seeing what you type. (If you have a problem, check your Caps Lock key. Upper and lower case matter.)

Schema. If your system is configured with more than one schema, select the LOV to choose the desired schema.

Domain. This field is always visible, but is relevant for users who access OPERA using a Domain Account through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

The domain used in the Domain field to log into OPERA (either OPERA User or domain name) for this session will be stored as a Cookie and appear as the default domain for next log in.

For more detailed information on domain configuration and sign-on, refer to LDAP Integration.


Language. When the General>Login Language function is set to Y, this field displays allowing you to login to OPERA using the language of your choice. Select the down arrow to choose from the drop down list of values. Your default login language is set on your Edit Users screen.

Changing Your Password

For effective security, you should change your password often. OPERA may, in fact, enforce a password change under certain conditions:

Maintaining the confidentiality of your password is important. You should never give your password to another person and you should not write it down where someone else may see it.

You can change your password at any other time by selecting Miscellaneous>Change Password from the OPERA menu bar options. See Change Password for details.

If You Get Locked Out

There is a limit of 6 invalid login attempts allowed. After 6 invalid attempts, you are locked out of the system.

Depending on how your system is configured, a lockout is handled as follows:

If your account has been disabled for some reason other than invalid login attempts, a message such as "This account had been disabled." appears when you try to log in. Contact your system administrator to re-enable your account so that you can log in.

Session Timeout

The General>Application Parameter>Login Timeout setting determines if OPERA Login will timeout after the last session is closed for all OPERA sessions. Or, it determines if the OPERA Login Timeout will only be enforced for the initial Login into the OPERA Login screen and will not timeout after the last session closes. For more information, see General>Application Parameter>Login Timeout.

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