Catering Meal Type

Catering meal type is an event classification that allows you to group catering event types, for example Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee Break, and so on. An event type can be associated with a single catering meal type for reporting in the Cover Count report. To set up catering meal types, select Configuration > Catering > Catering Meal Type Setup. (This option is visible when the Catering > Catering Meal Types application parameter is set to Y.)

The Catering Meal Types screen appears. Up to 7 catering meal types can be configured. Once 7 catering meal types are configured, the New button is no longer available.

Select the New button to create a new catering meal type, or highlight the existing catering meal type you want to modify and select the Edit button. The Catering Meal Types - New/Edit screen displays. The following fields are available:

Code. When creating a new catering meal type, enter a code for the new catering meal type. If you are editing an existing catering meal type, this field is view only.

Description. Enter a description of the catering meal type. This description appears on LOV displays.

Display Seq. Enter a number to indicate the position of the catering meal type on LOV displays.

To associate event types with catering meal types, select System Configuration > Catering > Event Type Setup.

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