Function Space Types

Function space types are general categories to which function spaces belong. These can be spaces such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, ballrooms, swimming pool, outside areas, and so on. Categorizing function spaces allows you to search for these types of rooms when you are planning events, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the hotel set up. The function space type is provided when you are setting up a function space. See Function Space Setup for details.

To create a new function space type, select the New button from the Function Space Types screen. To edit an existing function space type, highlight your choice on the Function Space Types screen and select the Edit button. The Function Space Types - New or Function Space Types - Edit screen appears.

Provide the following information on the Function Space Types screen and select the OK button.

Code. Code for this function space type.

Description. Description of the function space type.

Display Sequence. Sequence or order number of the code. This number controls its position in lists.

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