Using Business Blocks

A Business Block is a collection of information, shared by PMS and S&C, that relates all the details concerning a specific piece of group business. The Business Block information may involve Contacts, room blocks, catering events, and other features. The S&C Business Block feature lets you set up and maintain business blocks.

Access the Business Management>Business Block option using the main menu selection, or by using the Blocks button on the Account or Contact screens.

Note: Before creating a Reservation or an Event, you must create a Business Block.

Business Block Features

Sharing with PMS. PMS and S&C users view all bookings in the OPERA database.

Deposits. Create in OPERA S&C, and for contract purposes automatically set up the Payment Master deposit records in PMS.

Rooms Revenue and Catering Revenue overviews on main Business Block screen.

Booked Rates and Packages have real meaning to the PMS and flow through to the reservation process.

Tracking. Logs are created automatically to track the history of a Business Block, including status changes and revenue changes.  Production change logs record changes for every stay-date of a booking.

On-line display and reporting assist in monitoring the booking from tentative planning stages through historical reviews.

Work with Rate Codes. Access PMS rates codes and availability, reserve rooms by available rate codes, attach preferred rate codes to profiles.

The following options are available when working with business blocks:

Multi-property Bookings and Managing Group Business for Multiple Properties and Book Rooms and Catering Events across Multiple Properties (Master Business Blocks).

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