2.2 Adding Monitoring Targets

After the plug-in is deployed, Oracle Enterprise Manager recognizes monitoring targets of the type Oracle Secure Global Desktop. To monitor an SGD array, add all the members of the array individually as monitoring targets.

Before you begin, ensure you the have the credentials of the dedicated SGD Administrator user for the array.

Repeat the following steps for each member of the SGD array.

  1. Log in to the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Console.

  2. In the Setup menu, select Add Target, and then select Add Targets Manually.

  3. Select Add Targets Declaratively by Specifying Target Monitoring Properties.

  4. In the Target Type list, select Oracle Secure Global Desktop.

  5. In the Monitoring Agent field, do one of the following:

    • Enter the fully qualified host name and port of the target. For example: boston.example.com:3872.

    • Click the search icon to search for an SGD host that is running the Management Agent.

  6. Click Add Manually. The properties page for the new Oracle Secure Global Desktop target is displayed.

  7. Configure the new Oracle Secure Global Desktop target.

    You must complete all of the following fields.

    • Target Name: A unique name to identify the monitoring target.

    • Secure Global Desktop Administrator User Name and Password: The credentials of the dedicated SGD Administrator for the plug-in.

    • Secure Global Desktop Installation Directory: The path to the SGD installation on the host. This is /opt/tarantella by default.

    • Secure Global Desktop Web Services Port: The TCP port that the SGD web server uses for unsecured web service connections on the localhost interface. This is always port 80, for a default installation of SGD.

  8. Click OK to save details and add the new target.

  9. Ensure that preferred credentials are available for the target.

    The preferred credentials must be for a user account which has privileges to run the tarantella command on an SGD server, and is a member of the ttaserv UNIX group on the SGD host.

    Credentials for the Oracle Software Owner User (oracle) are suitable for this purpose. See Section 1.1.3, “User Requirements” for details of how to configure the oracle user on an SGD host.

    For information on how to configure preferred credentials for a target, see the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Security Guide.