2.3 Verifying the Plug-in Deployment

After you add the members of an SGD array as monitoring targets, wait at least 15 minutes for the plug-in to start collecting data. Then use the following steps to verify that Oracle Enterprise Manager is correctly monitoring the targets.

  1. Log in to the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Console.

  2. From the Targets menu, select All Targets.

  3. In the Refine Search pane, select Target Type, then Servers, Storage and Network, and then Oracle Secure Global Desktop.

    Check that the target is present and that the Target Status is Up.

  4. Click the name of the target that you want to verify.

    The target home page is displayed.

  5. From the Oracle Secure Global Desktop menu in the upper-left of the page, select Monitoring, and then select Metric Collection Errors.

    Check any metric collection errors listed in the table.

  6. From the Oracle Secure Global Desktop menu, select Monitoring, and then select All Metrics.

    Click the metrics in the left-hand pane and check that data is being collected.