3.3 Monitoring an SGD User

The User monitoring page shows real-time monitoring data for an SGD user who is logged in to the array. Information on user session activity and applications started by the user are displayed on this page. See Figure 3.3, “User Monitoring Page”.

This page is shown when you search for user details, using the User Session Information search field on the Array Overview page. See Section 3.1, “Monitoring an SGD Array”.

Figure 3.3 User Monitoring Page

The User monitoring page includes a series of panels, as described in Table 3.3, “Panels on the User Monitoring Page”.

Table 3.3 Panels on the User Monitoring Page



User Search

A search field that returns user session and application session information for a user who is logged in to the array.

Enter the fully qualified name for the user. For example:

../_ens/o=organization/cn=Indigo Jones.

The fully qualified name for an SGD user is shown on the Detailed Diagnostics page of the user's workspace.

User Session

Shows details for the user session associated with the specified user.

Application Session

Shows details of current application sessions for the specified user.