4.2 Plug-in Installation and Deployment Issues

The following topics describe how to troubleshoot issues when installing and deploying the plug-in.

4.2.1 Oracle Enterprise Manager Installation Issues

If you encounter problems during installation of the plug-in, verify that all prerequisites are met. See Section 1.1, “Requirements for the Plug-in”.

For information on installing Oracle Enterprise Manager, refer to the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control documentation.

4.2.2 Plug-in Deployment Issues

The following troubleshooting tips may apply when you are having issues with deploying the plug-in:

  • If you encounter problems when adding an SGD target, verify the settings for communication between the Management Agent and the SGD host. See Section 2.2, “Adding Monitoring Targets”.

  • If a target is shown as down in the Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Console, try the following:

    • Check the status of the SGD server on the target host.

      Run the tarantella status command on the SGD host.

      For more information about troubleshooting SGD issues, see the Oracle Secure Global Desktop Administration Guide.

    • Verify that the plug-in is working correctly and that metrics are being collected.

      Display the All Metrics page for the target and click on a metric in the left-hand pane.

      An error message is shown if there is an issue with metrics data collection.