2.4 Uninstalling the Plug-in

The plug-in can be uninstalled from your Oracle Enterprise Manager environment.

To upgrade the plug-in, simply deploy the new version as shown in Section 2.1, “Downloading and Deploying the Plug-in”. Uninstallation is not required before an upgrade.

For detailed steps on uninstalling the plug-in, see the Managing Plug-Ins chapter in the Oracle Enterprise Manager documentation.

Uninstalling the plug-in consists of the following steps:

  • (Optional) Unconfigure all Oracle Secure Global Desktop targets.

    It is best to unconfigure targets, to halt data monitoring.

  • Undeploy the plug-in.

    When you undeploy the plug-in, Oracle Enterprise Manager can no longer monitor an Oracle Secure Global Desktop target.

  • (Optional) Remove the plug-in from the Management Repository.