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What is P6 EPPM?

P6 EPPM provides the most powerful, robust, and easy-to-use solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing projects, programs, and portfolios in asset-intensive industries.

What's new?

Learn what New Features we've recently added to P6 EPPM.

How can I find out what is different between releases?

Use the Cumulative Feature Overview to see a list of changes we've made.

Note: the CFO requires Microsoft Excel, and you must enable macros.

What documents have we updated recently?

Here is a list of significant changes we've made recently. See the Cumulative Feature Overview for details on new features that have been added that affected our documentation.



August 2019

Updated P6 documentation to reflect 19.8 changes.

July 2019

Updated P6 documentation to reflect 19.7 changes.

June 2019

Updated P6 documentation to reflect 19.6 changes.

May 2019

Updated P6 documentation to reflect 19.5 changes.

April 2019

Updated P6 documentation to reflect 19.4 changes.

Added the Primavera Data Access Service Guide.

March 2019

Updated P6 documentation to reflect 19.3 changes.

February 2019

Removed the Cloud Services Reporting Administration Guide. Information on how to administer reporting for P6 EPPM is included in the product-specific administration guide.

Updated P6 documentation to reflect 19.2 changes.

What configurations work on my computer for a cloud deployment?

Use the Client System Requirements spreadsheet to get details on the configurations (including browsers) that we've tested and verified to work on your desktop or laptop.

How can I tell if your information applies to a cloud deployment, an on-premises deployment, or both?

Our documentation covers both on-premises and cloud-based deployments, and in most cases is identical for both. However, some content (mostly installation and configuration) might be specific for on-premises while other content is specific for cloud. Any content that applies to only one of these deployments is labeled accordingly. If you are unclear whether you are using a cloud-based deployment of P6 EPPM vs an on-premises deployment, check with your company's site administrator.

Where can I find documentation for earlier versions?

If you are on a version prior to Version 19, go to Previous Releases to access your documentation.

Please note that we update our version Version 19 documentation on a regular basis as we add new features to P6 EPPM. You will always see the most current content that is available. This means that if you are not on the most current version Version 19 release level, you might see documentation for features that you will not have access to until you upgrade.

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