Email Response Processor Performance Issues

In order to maintain a high level of performance, the same mailbox should not be passed to more than one mail process thread. Special care should be taken in the following cases:

  • The same POP3 user should not be included in more than one configuration file. This is because after a thread has logged in to a POP3 mailbox, the next thread cannot log in to the same POP3 mailbox until the first thread has logged out. This can affect the system’s performance.

  • The same configuration file should not be passed to the Email Response Processor more than once. This could result in more than one thread using the same log file, or in more than one thread attempting to process the same POP3 mailbox.

An error message will appear and the Email Response Processor will stop running if you attempt to pass the same configuration filename more than once or if you have the same mailbox name in more than one file.

Updating the DO_NOT_EMAIL flag for hard bounces can affect performance.