Extension Merge Content Syntax

The following examples show the merge content syntax used in Extensions:

<pstag:extension name="Hello World Servlet" id="" default="Hello" />

Note: The parameters for extensions are specified in the Merge Content builder. They are not displayed as part of the syntax.

See Adding Merged Content.

Additional merge syntaxes are available for obtaining various dialog-related information. These syntaxes are typically used in parameters to extensions, but can also be embedded in your documents. The following table shows the syntaxes available:



Action ID

<pstag:actionID />

Base URL

<pstag:baseURL />

Dialog Business Unit

<pstag:dialogBusinessUnit />

Dialog ID

<pstag:dialogID />

Document Language Code

<pstag:documentLanguageCode />

Document SetID

<pstag:documentSetID />

Individual BOID

<pstag:individualBOID />

Individual ID

<pstag:individualID />

Individual Role Type ID

<pstag:individualRoleTypeID />

Organization BOID

<pstag:organizationBOID />

Organization ID

<pstag:organizationID />

Organization Role Type

<pstag:organizationRoleTypeID />

Source Action ID

<pstag:sourceActionID />