Online Marketing/Campus Solutions Profiles

Eleven profiles are included with the CRM database for the Marketing/Campus Solutions integration. These are many-row profiles used for applicant information (data from Campus Solutions to the CDM) and audience segmentation. These profiles are all shipped in Requested state; you should only take them Live if the OLM/CS integration is being implemented at your site .

The list below shows the profiles; for more information refer to the Marketing/Campus Solutions Integration documentation.

  • CS-ADM Academic History.

  • CS-ADM Academic Interests.

  • CS-ADM Applicant Data.

  • CS-ADM-Applicant Plan.

  • CS-ADM Applicant Program.

  • CS-ADM Applicant Recruiter.

  • CS-ADM Applicant Sub-Plan.

  • CS-ADM Extracur Activity.

  • CS-ADM Service Indicators.

  • CS-Constituents.

  • CS-Test Scores.