PeopleSoft Online Marketing Implementation

PeopleSoft Setup Manager enables you to generate a list of setup tasks for your organization based on the features that you are implementing. The setup tasks include the components that you must set up, listed in the order in which you must enter data into the component tables, and links to the corresponding documentation.

PeopleSoft Online Marketing also provides component interfaces for loading data from an existing system into PeopleSoft Online Marketing tables. Use the Excel to Component Interface utility with the component interfaces to populate the tables.

This table lists all of the components that have component interfaces:


Component Interface


SMS Setup



See Setting Up SMS.

SMS Template



See Setting Up SMS.

Other Sources of Information

In the planning phase of your implementation, take advantage of all PeopleSoft sources of information, including the installation guides, data models, business process maps, and troubleshooting guidelines.

See the product documentation for PeopleTools: Setup Manager.