Understanding Event Wire

Online Marketing Event Wire enables Online Marketing to receive data from external systems in real time to measure the effectiveness of dialogs, to trigger a dialog, or to update document or profile fields in the PeopleSoft CRM database.

To submit data to a dialog, the external system must be programmed to send the appropriate data to Event Wire, which in turn submits the data to the specified dialog. Data submitted through Event Wire is treated the same as information entered on and submitted from a web page.

To use Event Wire, a dialog designer and a technical implementer must collaborate to set up the dialog and the external system. The dialog designer designs the Online Marketing dialog and provides information about the dialog to the technical implementer, who programs the external system to make the appropriate calls to Event Wire.

Event Wire provides the following capabilities to Online Marketing:

  • Completes the link with external systems, allowing you to automatically receive data obtained or generated by the external system.

    • Tracks purchases that result from click-throughs from a dialog.

    • Completes real-time transfer of profile data into the CRM database. (This includes creating new customer records and updating existing customers.)

    For example, an external system could inform Online Marketing that a specific item was purchased as a result of a dialog, and the results can be shown in CRM Analytics. Saved profile information can be used in other dialogs.

  • Triggers dialogs in real time, allowing you to design dialogs that perform specific actions as a result of the input from an external system.

    • Sends follow-up email offers to customers as a result of their external system activity.

    • Presents surveys or other dialogs to customers as a result of their external system activity.

    For example, when a customer makes a purchase from a site, this action could trigger Online Marketing to send an email to the customer offering a discount on a subsequent purchase.

Dialogs used by Event Wire are designed just as any other Online Marketing dialog. Because the external system must be able to submit data to the dialog, certain information about the dialog (such as the entry point URL, the names of the fields on the landing page, and default field values, if any) must be provided to the external system.

To pass data to Event Wire, the external system must specify a URL that points to an External Event Trigger or a Web Link Promo. In turn, these must point to a Landing Page or Standalone Page for a specific dialog. A Landing page enables Event Wire to trigger specific actions in a dialog, to submit new document or profile data to be stored in the CRM database, or both. A Standalone page records that a visit to the site occurred, which is a way of measuring the effectiveness of a dialog.

The Landing page is never seen by the customer, nor is any JavaScript on the page executed. However, subsequent pages in the dialog can be displayed, allowing the customer to enter additional information. The Standalone page can appear to the customer. Whether a dialog page appears to the customer is determined by how the technical implementer calls Event Wire.