Understanding Extensions

This documentation assumes that you are familiar with the software development process and the creation of Java servlets and PeopleCode functions. It further assumes familiarity with the Online Marketing system and its architecture and database structure.

PeopleSoft recommends that you use the expertise of PeopleSoft’s technical consultants for the development of any Extensions you need, as they have expertise in writing Java servlets and PeopleCode functions along with a thorough knowledge of PeopleSoft Online Marketing and its database structure. If you are a licensed customer you can also use this documentation to develop extensions using your own software developers.

Note: Support of any custom-written Extension (defined as any extension that does not ship with the Online Marketing product) is not offered through the My Oracle Support organization. Therefore, if you choose to develop Extensions in-house and need assistance (such as troubleshooting or testing assistance) beyond what this documentation provides, contact your PeopleSoft account manager who can help you decide which consulting services are appropriate.

There are two kinds of Extensions:

  • Custom Content: Extensions included in Online Marketing documents.

  • Custom Actions: Extensions included in the Online Marketing Dialog process.