Applicant Enrichment—Housing Survey Dialog

The purpose of this dialog is to provide the applicant an opportunity to complete a questionnaire about campus housing interests. The user is asked to rate six housing types in terms of importance. Based upon the input, the user is shown a list of residence halls that match each of his or her interests. For each indicated interest, the user is asked to rank the set of residence halls.

Each institution should have a different version of this dialog.

Note: This sample dialog depicts a fictitious university and its undergraduate program. The web documents in the dialog refer to a template, CS_LAKE_UGRD, and the HTML email documents contain stylesheet information and references to a Great Lakes University image file. The web template and image are packaged and installed as part of the installation and setup process. Images of sample email messages display a preview version of the email—tags in curly braces ({}) represent content that will be merged when the dialog is Live. The sample dialog belongs to business unit of EGUBU and their audiences are part of SetID PSUSI.

In this sample dialog, assume the following:

The housing types are:

  • Honors Living Area.

  • ROTC Living Area.

  • Substance Free (no alcohol, tobacco, and so forth) Living Area.

  • Single Gender Living Area.

  • Co-Ed Living Area.

  • Married Living Area.

The possible ratings are:

  • Very Important.

  • Somewhat Important.

  • Not Important.

The residence halls and their associated living types are shown in the following table:



Substance Free

Single Gender

































The following illustration shows the flow of the Applicant Enrichment dialog:

Image: Applicant Enrichment Housing Survey Dialog Flow

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Applicant Enrichment Housing Survey Dialog Flow.

Applicant Enrichment Housing Survey Dialog Flow

Note: The entire dialog flow is not visible in the illustration.

Each member of the audience receives a broadcast email message inviting them to participate in the housing survey. They can click a link to proceed, or click another link to opt out of future mailings.

Image: Applicant Enrichment Dialog—Housing Survey Broadcast Email

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Applicant Enrichment Dialog—Housing Survey Broadcast Email.

Applicant Enrichment Dialog-Housing Survey Broadcast Email

The first link takes the user to the Applicant Enrichment page.

The second link takes the user to the Opt-Out dialog.

The dialog also contains an External Event Trigger (for example, a banner ad) that takes the visitor directly to the housing survey page.

The audience definition criteria for the broadcast email is named CS_GLAKE_UGRD_HOUSING_SURVEY and consists of people who:

  • Have never received this broadcast email.

  • Have DO NOT EMAIL set to “N” or empty.

  • Have a valid email address on file (EMAIL ADDRESS is not empty).

  • Are not deceased (Deceased Flag is “N” or empty).

  • Are applicants, not prospects.

  • Have Institution set to “X” and Career to “Y”.

  • Are starting in the Fall of 2004 (ADMIT TERM = 1047).

The audience content is also limited based on the user’s security profile.

The dialog's web documents consist of:

  • Housing Survey page.

  • Ranking pages (one for each residence hall type).

Housing Survey Page

This page displays the survey. The user completes the survey by clicking a choice (Very, Somewhat, or Not Important) for each type of housing. When the form is submitted, the user’s input is analyzed to determine which ranking pages will be shown to the user. If the user indicated a type of housing is either “Very” or “Somewhat” important, they are taken to a page for that housing type. If the user indicated a housing type as “Not” important, that housing type page is not shown.

Image: Housing Survey Page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Housing Survey Page.

Housing Survey Page

Ranking Pages

Each ranking page allows the user to rank choices for residence halls based on choices of Very Interested or Somewhat Interested on the Housing Survey page.

The ranking pages are shown in order based on the respondent's choices on the housing survey. For each housing type, the ranking page displays the available residence halls that fit the specified requirement. Clicking the Submit button on a ranking page takes the user to the next available ranking page based on interest in the housing type.

Image: Housing Survey Ranking Page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Housing Survey Ranking Page.

Housing Survey Ranking Page

Survey Thank You Page

This page thanks the respondent for completing the survey.

The respondent is given the opportunity to opt out of future mailings by clicking a web link in the broadcast email. This link takes the respondent to a separate dialog where he or she can indicate the desire to opt out.

See Opt-Out Dialog.