Cloning Online Dialogs

Cloning an online dialog allows you to reuse the elements and flow of the dialog in a new dialog without having to recreate them.

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Dialog Designer: Clone Page


Use to clone an existing online dialog.

Use the Dialog Designer: Clone page (RYE_DIALOG_CLONE) to use to clone an existing online dialog.

Image: Dialog Designer - Clone page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Dialog Designer - Clone page.

Dialog Designer - Clone page

When you clone a document, you will need to enter new and unique values for the following fields:

  • Dialog name

  • All document names.

Note: When cloning a dialog, unique names are automatically generated for the dialog and all associated documents. (For example, a document named IntroEmail becomes IntroEmail 1, but if the original document's name was IntroEmail 2, the clone would be named IntroEmail 3.)

To clone documents associated with the dialog, give each document a new name. If you do not provide a new name for a document, the system appends the next available number to the end of the document name to make it unique.

The dialog can be cloned across business units if the business units share setIDs for both audiences and documents. If a dialog has no audiences or documents associated to it, it can be cloned across all business units.