Considerations When Cloning the Sample Dialogs

If you choose to use or clone the sample web documents included with the Marketing to Campus Solutions integration, you must perform a few steps in order to retain their formatting. This section describes these steps.

Note: If you create your own original web documents, you do not need to perform the steps in this section.

After running the message to populate the choices from Campus Solutions, perform the following steps:

  1. Export the imported documents from both the GLAKE and PSUNV LAW applications and save them. This includes the following documents:

    • Academic Data.

    • Academic History.

    • Personal Information.

    • Employment History.

    • Parents/Emergency Contact.

  2. Discard the current imported contents of the documents. (At this point, the documents can be edited).

  3. Go through each document and delete the choices from the choice elements. (On average, each document contains about 5-6 choice elements per page).

  4. Click the Refresh Choices button for each of the choice elements. At this point, the Campus Solutions choices should appear.

  5. Export the document again to a temporary file.

  6. Copy and paste the choices from the temporary file into the file you saved in step 1.

  7. Re-import the modified file from step 1 back into the document.