Defining Email Frequency Policy Information

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Email Frequency Policy Page


Use to define the global email frequency policy.

Use the Email Frequency Policy page (RY_EM_FREQ_POLICY) to use to define the global email frequency policy.

Image: Email Frequency Policy page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Email Frequency Policy page.

Email Frequency Policy page

Field or Control


Global Policy Status

Select Enabled to make the Email Frequency Policy active for sending emails. Select Disabled to disable it. At least one active rule is required to enable the policy.

Default Counter Setting

Select Increment if you want the email frequency counters to increment when an email is sent, and Do Not Increment if you do not want the counters to be incremented.

Default Queue Shelf Life

Specify the number of days the email will remain active in the queue (that is, the number of days until the queue end date). The email will be expired from the queue after that date.

Default Queue Rule

Select an option that will govern the queue's behavior by default:

  • Select Per Policy if you want the queue to adhere to the frequency policy you have defined.

  • Select Override Policy if you want the email sent now regardless of the defined frequency policy. This option is used for test dialogs.

  • Select Per Policy, Do Not Queue if you want the queue to follow the defined frequency policy but you do not want the emails added to the queue. If they cannot be sent immediately they will be discarded.

Number of Days

For each rule, specify a number of days in which the specified number of emails will be allowed. The number must be between 1 and 365 and must be unique between the policy rules (you cannot have more than one rule specifying 7 days, for example).

Maximum No. of Emails Allowed

For each rule, specify the maximum number of emails to allow to be sent in the specified number of days.


Select Active to activate the specified rule, or Inactive to deactivate it.

Note: Be aware than when you deactivate a rule, emails in the frequency queue will be sent immediately and that rule's count will be reset to 0. Emails can be dequeued as a result of deactivating a rule—this will occur the next time the batch process runs.

See Mailcasters.