Opt-Out Dialog

The sample dialogs include a link to an Opt-Out dialog that allows respondents to choose not to receive further mailings. The Opt-Out dialog includes two documents:

  • Opt Out page.

  • Opt Out Thank You page.

Note: Because all the sample dialogs in the Marketing to Campus Solutions integration are crosslinked to the Opt-Out dialog, any changes you make to the Opt-Out dialog will be displayed when visitors access it from any of the sample dialogs.

Note: This sample dialog depicts a fictitious university and its undergraduate program. The web documents in the dialog refer to a template, CS_LAKE_UGRD, and the HTML email documents contain stylesheet information and references to a Great Lakes University image file. The web template and image are packaged and installed as part of the installation and setup process. Images of sample email messages display a preview version of the email—tags in curly braces ({}) represent content that will be merged when the dialog is Live. The sample dialog belongs to business unit of EGUBU and their audiences are part of SetID PSUSI.

The Opt Out page offers the prospect the opportunity to opt out of any future mailings. Prospects can choose Yes, which sets the Do Not Email flag to Y, or No, which does not change the flag.

The Opt Out Thank You page thanks the prospect and verifies that he or she has chosen to opt out of future mailings.