Single Signon Between PIA and DES

If an External Event Trigger is executed from an Online Marketing dialog, the DES assumes that the currently signed in PIA user, if that user has the dialog-specified Marketing role, has the same identity as that of the person filling out the dialog.

If Single Signon is successful for a Login Required dialog, the system bypasses the dialog’s login page—the user is not required to re-enter a user ID and password in order to see the dialog’s landing page. With Single Signon, the dialog’s landing page displays using the profile for the current PIA user associated person. If the Single Signon fails, the system displays the dialog’s login page if it is a login-required dialog, or displays the landing page associated with an unknown user for a non-login required dialog.

Contact for Company Dialogs

When adding a person to a Contact for Company dialog that has been designated as Login Required, if a Consumer role exists in the CDM for that person but there is no Contact for Company role, then the system adds a Contact for Company role for the signed-in person (this is existing behavior for login-required dialogs). The system then identifies the person as a Contact for Company, and populates the dialog with the Contact for Company profile data.