Pre-General Availability: 2019-04-29

Oracle® Linux

Release Notes for Oracle Linux 8 Beta

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April 2019

Table of Contents

1 Shipped Kernels
2 Supported Architectures
3 New Features and Changes
3.1 Software Distribution and Management
3.1.1 Oracle Linux 8 Beta Distribution
3.1.2 Yum DNF Support Added
3.1.3 RPM Improvements
3.2 Installation, Boot, and Image Creation
3.3 Red Hat Compatible Kernel
3.4 Cockpit
3.5 Clustering and High Availability
3.5.1 Pacemaker updated to version 2.0.0
3.6 Database
3.7 Desktop
3.8 Developer Tools and Compilers
3.9 File Systems and Storage
3.10 Identity Management
3.11 Infrastructure Services
3.12 Networking
3.12.1 Replacement of iptables with nftables
3.12.2 IPVLAN virtual network driver added
3.12.3 Networking stack updated to version 4.18
3.12.4 Removal of -ok option from tc command
3.12.5 SR-IOV virtual functions added to NetworkManager
3.12.6 TCP updated to version 4.18
3.12.7 wpa_supplicant package improved
3.13 Scripting Languages
3.14 Security
3.15 New systemd behavior in Oracle Linux 8 Beta
3.16 Virtualization
3.17 Web Services
3.18 Compatibility
4 Known Issues
4.1 Installation and Upgrade Issues
4.1.1 DNF error: Error in POSTTRANS scriplet in rpm package kernel-core
4.1.2 Syslog error: Failed to insert module 'ip_tables': Operation not permitted
4.1.3 Syslog error: NetworkManager-wait-online.service: Failed with result 'exit-code' during instantiation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
4.1.4 Occasional system hangs inside kdump kernel after instantiation on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
4.1.5 iSCSI block volumes do not re-attach after restarting iSCSI service and rebooting
4.1.6 x86_64 and AMD 64-bit VM instances fail to start when booted in PV mode on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
4.1.7 Kickstart --noverifyssl ignored
4.1.8 Installation on KVM guest by using iPXE and iSCSI boot results in incorrect IQN name
4.2 Oracle Linux 8 Beta does not recognize SAS controllers on older Oracle Sun hardware
4.3 Multipath changes to a single path following an iSCSI DM Multipathing installation
4.4 GPG key file location must be explicitly set when adding repositories
4.5 Application Stream and Modules Issues
4.5.1 Installing different streams of the same module may result in conflicts
4.5.2 rhn_tools module fails to install
4.6 Kernel Issues
4.6.1 Systems using iSCSI boot with ip=dhcp option fail to boot kdump kernel
4.6.2 Unable to update kernel boot arguments with grubby
4.6.3 Installing kernel-debug packages results in kernel-debug being installed as the default GRUB 2 kernel
4.6.4 Traffic Control error: Specified qdisc not found
4.7 Networking Issues
4.7.1 hostnamectl set-hostname command fails on Oracle Linux 8 Beta instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
4.7.2 Cannot configure IP address for secondary VNIC on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instance when NetworkManager is running
4.7.3 tracepath6 does not parse destination IPv6 address correctly
4.7.4 Failure to insert ip_tables module
4.8 Restarting firewalld service results in SSH connection timeout
4.9 Package Conflicts
4.9.1 libbytesize.i686 and libbytesize.x86_64
4.9.2 opencc.i686 and opencc.x86_64
4.10 /var/run/ file not readable after starting Spacewalk daemon
4.11 Error: mcelog service does not support this processor
4.12 Security Issues
4.12.1 semanage utility crashes if SELinux policy is not available
4.12.2 autorelabel does not work during reboot if is unlabeled
4.12.3 SELinux: Classes bpf and xdp_socket not defined in policy errors during reboot
5 Installation and Availability
6 Release-Specific Information for Oracle Linux 8 Beta (aarch64)
6.1 System Requirements and Limitations (aarch64)
6.2 New Features (aarch64)
6.2.1 52-bit addressing enabled (aarch64)
6.2.2 Support for 64-bit Arm architecture added to toolchain components (aarch64)
6.3 Installation and Availability (aarch64)
A Comparing Yum Version 3 With Yum DNF
B Package Changes from the Upstream Release
B.1 Changes to Binary Packages
B.1.1 Added Binary Packages for BaseOS by Oracle
B.1.2 Modified BaseOS Binary Packages
B.1.3 Modified AppStream Binary Packages
B.1.4 Removed BaseOS Binary Packages
B.1.5 Removed AppStream Binary Packages
B.2 Changes to Source Packages
B.2.1 Added Source Packages for BaseOS by Oracle
B.2.2 Modified BaseOS Source Packages
B.2.3 Modified AppStream Source Packages
B.2.4 Removed BaseOS Source Packages
B.2.5 Removed AppStream Source Packages