Additional Administration Utilities

With PeopleTools, you can also take advantage of Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a comprehensive, integrated management solution that helps you achieve high levels of performance and availability, and reduce the costs of managing applications. Oracle Enterprise Manager monitors the health of all application components, the hosts that they run on, and the key business processes that they support. Oracle Enterprise Manager’s diagnostic tools help to identify system issues for you to address. In addition to monitoring and diagnostics, Oracle Enterprise Manager also manages the configuration of application environments through its integrated configuration management tool. This tool provides the ability to configure application environments properly by keeping an inventory of application and infrastructure components, tracking the changes that are made, and validating the changes to make sure that they are correct. Oracle Enterprise Manager provides the tools that help organizations achieve the required application performance and availability, improve management productivity, better utilize resources, and drive down costs.

To integrate the Oracle Enterprise Manager with your PeopleSoft implementation, you can install the PeopleSoft Application Management Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager (licensed separately from PeopleTools).

For more information, download the PeopleSoft Application Management Plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager documentation available on the Oracle Technology Network.