Application Access Types

The PeopleSoft Internet Architecture enables these application access types:

Connection Type



All PeopleSoft applications as well as many PeopleTools interfaces are rendered within a browser. No connectivity software is required on the workstation or device running the browser, nor are there any applets downloaded to the browser. All processing occurs within servlets on the web server and server processes on the application server. The system sends to the browser only HTML, JavaScript, and XML.

Supported browser types include Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

The browser can be running on a desktop or laptop computer as well as supported tablets and smartphones.

Remote system

A remote system may be a separate PeopleSoft application, a third-party system, or a legacy system. The service oriented architecture (SOA) provided by PeopleSoft Integration Broker enables you to configure your PeopleSoft system to produce services for and consume services from other systems.