Application Designer

Application Designer is a metadata driven, integrated development environment (IDE) used to customize PeopleSoft applications.

Every PeopleSoft application contains a collection of related definitions, such as fields, records, pages, and components (groups of pages) that work together to provide the functionality of PeopleSoft applications. Developing and adapting PeopleSoft applications is a step-by-step process in which you configure and build the definitions, establish relationships among definitions, implement security, register your PeopleSoft application to the PeopleTools portal environment, and test every aspect thoroughly.

To perform the majority of these development activities, you use one interactive tool, Application Designer, in an integrated development environment that enables you to work with all the definitions of a business application in a single work area.

Application Designer enables you to perform numerous development tasks including:

  • Create and modify field and record definitions.

  • Build and run SQL scripts that create and alter tables and indexes.

  • Create and modify pages for classic applications and fluid applications.

  • Create, modify, and register components (groups of pages).

  • Create and debug PeopleCode.

  • Work with style sheets to customize the appearance of applications.

  • Upgrade your existing applications to newer PeopleSoft versions.